02.5 Revelation – Waiting


There are many people you will talk to and read writings from that will discuss how we are in a downhill slide and Jesus must be returning soon.  Many of us look around and see persecution and trials and can see things getting worse and worse.  Like the saints in heaven we desire to cry out to God, how long will you wait?.

I was at the automobile service station this week and it made me think.  We sometimes view the events of the world like we view our cars.  This is starting to go bad, and that is making noise and this is wearing out and, and, how much longer can this thing keep running?

But, God isn’t waiting for things to get worse, He is waiting for the fullness of believers to come to Him.  It is not a matter of how much worse, frankly things can and will get worse.  It is a matter of waiting patiently and refusing to close the door of the fortress, despite the heavy attack, because there still are more people to come in to the shelter.

Maybe our prayer should not focus on the enemy or the attack, but on whom God would have us invite.  Who have you asked to come to BSF this year?  Who have you invited to sit down and discuss their personal relationship with Jesus Christ?  Who have you spoken boldly to so they see and hear the testimony in you actions and words?  If you long for Christ’s return, the surest way is not along the path of complaining, but along the path of spreading the good news.  That person you reach out to in the spirit just might be the last one whom God is waiting to bring into His house before the first seal is broken.

My Answers:

I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

He is God – He triumphed over death.  It is confirmation that all He said and promised is absolutely true and what He said and promised is amazing.

sin, sin, sin, fear, denial of the truth, lost on the wrong path, lack of faith and trust, lack of understanding of purpose, rejection of purpose

all of this is temporary, but what will come will be eternal


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