03.4 Revelation – Don’t Be Silenced

Don’t Be Silenced

Many believers through the ages have faced resistance and persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ.  John, and the apostles, were no exception.  This persecution continues to this day and there are areas of the world where people are dying for their faith.

But, what is the appropriate response for those of us who are not facing great persecution or hardship for our faith.  Should we feel bad?  Should we feel guilty? I don’t think so.

Instead, I think we should see through the opposition and persecution that happens in the world, beyond the action itself and view the goal of the evil forces that are behind the persecution.  Their goal is not simply to make life difficult or kill that believer.  Life is difficult and every believer (until the rapture) will die.  Their goal, I believe, is bigger.  Their goal is to silence others.  The bigger picture is not the one person or even group of being being attacked but the deterrence of others who would be witnesses.

So, what can and should we do?  Do not be silent!  Do not be deterred.  Do not be intimidated.  Do not fear the persecution (God is bigger and stronger).

Our call in the commission that Jesus gave through the apostles is “to be my witnesses”.  It is not a competition about who has the best persecution story.  (I don’t know if it happens in the ladies’ groups, but guys are notorious for following up from a previous answer from another guy with the statement “I can’t top that…”).  It is a call to not let any persecution story – your own or someone else’s – silence your witness.  Be bold.  Stand strong.  Be a witness.

My Answers:

On the Island of Patmos, suffering in patient endurance because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus

stoned, run through with sword, hung on cross, tortured, killed.  Tradition says John was placed in a vat of boiling oil prior to being sent to the Island of Patmos

They are minor – but every conflict or issue happens on BSF Mondays.

through standing strong – continued witness is thought, word and action to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Stand boldly!



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