06.3 Revelation – Wearing White

Wearing White

Last week and this week, in the letters to the churches in Revelation 3, Jesus mentions a promise of his followers being clothed in white.  In my mind I have always pictured that as a white robe like the vestments of priests or robes of acolytes or choir robes.  However, this past week I ran across an image that gave me a new perspective.

In yesterday’s lesson I discussed the commendation that the church of Philadelphia received for standing firm and defending their faith.  This, and the discussion of the Armor of God, brought a military connotation to my mind in reading these verses.  Then, I saw a picture of a US Navy Officer wearing their dress white uniform.

creative commons: https://www.flickr.com/photos/walkadog/3561595648/in/photolist-6qJ7iw-kN6fjr-odK556-9NAvQf-rQmJj8-7CnKaV-dsu1jJ-6PvR6h-8JucyS-cSxZ5Y-7aJCjV-dsu1aL-77Vfh-nAfhTB-8vBWhi-ckPcW1-ecXT4w-ek9EiX-nAejn2-6qprw9-5NgHry-dgbgPD-9NMs7K-4Vq3xL-cSxZC7-cSxYvL-kk2XU-nDcUEg-ekfqp3-7yL34z-7TnkKj-cu7LMm-8H5Nfy-71298R-aVyAKc-aVyzTv-8MCUGP-hRRTs3-7QgZaU-oTpCCT-6FTRp6-cA4D3h-a3FKwq-eqSabr-9ShDW1-nBjBYt-2nEkS-6FTR7K-6FTRFc-6FTS2g/
creative commons: Beverly and Pack, Flickr

In that light, reading the promises in Revelation 3:11-13 brought new imagery to mind:

To be made a pillar in the temple of God reminded me of the soldiers who stand guard at our most important and distinguished monuments.  It is an area of peace and one where they have immediate proximity to things and people that are valuable and dear.  It is an honor to be selected to serve in such a capacity.

To have new names written on us: The Name of God, The Name of the City of God, A new name, reminded me of the insignia of the branch, unit, company or troop on the uniform of an officer.  It reminded me of the flag on the arm designating the country and capital city to which the officer has pledged allegiance.  It reminded me of the rank and title and name by which the Captain or Colonel had been given and by which he or she is known.

My Answers:

Faith in the promise, Jesus, The salvation He has purchased, the word of God, prayer (and the prayers of others)

Treasures that are being stored up by us in Heaven.  The good deeds of the saints.

Make a pillar in the temple of God – the ability to stand for ever in the presence of the almight
Write the name of God – family name, adoption
New name of City of God – heavenly city name, no longer dwell on the earth but have a home town in heaven
New name – No longer on earth in heaven in new body

He is the holy and true ruler of all, providing access to the Father and to Heaven with a door that cannot be shut.  He is the judge and He knows (no need to hide)  He is not calling us to fight, but only to not deny His name – He will do the rest.  He passes out crowns in heavens.  He has the authority to adopt us into His Father’s family



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