07.5 Revelation – Holy Whole not Holey

Holy Whole not Holey

When God calls us, we are broken.  The reading we did from Acts 2 said the people were “cut to the heart” by Peter’s words.  We are broken, cracked, empty, a sieve.

God does not wait for us to create a perfect vessel for His spirit to abide within.  He waits for us to recognize that we are truly broken in pieces beyond our own repair to even hold things together.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit isn’t something that we hold in our hearts, it is something that holds our hearts together.

But God doesn’t leave us broken.  The song of Amazing Grace is not celebrating what wretches we are, but that God would take us while we were wretches and transform us into something different.

Unfortunately, that transformation is not a “one and done” event.  The Holy Spirit as at work daily in our lives.  And, like any other repair job, He first must dig and scrape out the rotten, rusted, weak and infected parts of our lives to then lay a foundation of something new.  This part isn’t fun.  It hurts.  It cuts to the heart.  But, would we want less?  Would we want a builder to construct on a weak foundation?  Would we want a paint job on top of wood rot?  Would we want a band-aid covering up a cancerous growth?

Ephesians 4 gives instruction for living a Christian life.  But it is an order that we cannot fulfill on our own.  I can be humble some of the time.  I may be humble most of the time, but am I truly humble in thought, word and action all the time.  I can forgive others, but do I forgive them as God forgave me.  Always?  All it takes is one instance and it isn’t always!

But, God can.  God with us can.  God in us definitely can.  God is gracious and good.  He is strong and mighty.  He is love and compassion and peace.

Ephesians 4 is not a rubric by which to grade your performance.  If it were, we all have failed.  It is an explanation of the ways the Holy Spirit will, from the inside, be transforming your (and my) life.  How He will be cleaning out and patching the holes in your heart, mind and soul.

When D.L. Moody was asked why he had to be filled with the Spirit so often he said simply, “Because I leak.”


My Answers:

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bear with one another in love; keep the bond of peace; keep faith in one body and one Spirit and one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God over all

Am I a body with a soul or soul with a body?  Which defines you?  The now of the everlasting?
As Christ sacrificed His life for mine, He has given me eternal life and my calling is to serve Him (not myself) with this body at this time.

With great struggle – magnification of my own sins in light of others around me whom I am called to care for.  The preparing of the foundation to build upon is painful, but through God all is possible – even holiness.

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