08.5 Revelation – Greater Revelation

Greater Revelation

In Daniel 7, in a vision Daniel is given a glimpse into Heaven.  This is the same view that a handful of others have also see and hear through the ages: Elisha and his servant, Ezekiel, Those present at the baptism of Jesus, Stephen and John.  God and heaven are eternal and outside of the dimension of earthly time.  God is in all places and all times.  These views of the end times in heaven are not different events, but the same.  One analogy is that of a book.  We can open up the pages of a book and immediately be “in that time and place”.  In this way, what Daniel witnesses and what John witnesses and what will come in the future are all the same time and place.

As the true “Ancient of Days”, it is only right that the Creator of all is also the judge.  As the all knowing God, nothing is hidden from Him and nothing is outside of His command.  As a just God, sin will be punished and, since all sin is sin against God (Psalm 51:4), no sin will be left unpunished.

But in the midst of this blazing court, Daniel, also sees one that he does not yet know.  In verse 13 he sees one like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven being given authority, glory, sovereign power and dominion.

Daniel was deeply troubled by his vision.  There are troubling parts to it for us as well.  Clearly, it is troubling that there will be a final day after which no additional souls will be saved.  But, far more has been revealed to us than was revealed to Daniel.  Most critically, we have Jesus.  God was made man, a son of man, and walked among us.  We have the gospels and the entire bible.  We have the church.  We have the Revelation of Jesus Christ given to John.  Best of all we have the promise of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Can the end times troubling?  Yes, but, in the midst of the wrath and punishment is the promise of forgiveness and the sanctification of the blood of the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

My Answers:

Heaven – God on His throne in all majesty, seated in the court with the books opened (holding court)

He is the judge (as creator it is only right and natural)

Justice is done, in full.  God controls the timing.

Yes, because there will be a final harvest, a day after which no one else will be saved.  No, because we know about Jesus.


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