11.4 Revelation – HS Uplink Cable

HS Uplink Cable

Today’s lesson is all about the Holy Spirit.  There are many roles the Holy Spirit plays and, as such, it is difficult to draw a single analogy or illustration.  The Holy Spirit is described as the breath of God, the mist, the counselor and advocate.

I’m a bit of a nerd at heart and one way I think of the Holy Spirit is as an uplink cable.

The Holy Spirit provides the very real connection between our physical presence and God.  Jesus is the network but bridges the connection between our sinful state and the holiness of God, but the Holy Spirit is the cable that plugs us in.

No one comes to faith in Jesus without the work of the Holy Spirit.  We pray through the words of the Holy Spirit.  We teach and profess, comfort and heal through the Holy Spirit.  We have God present in us in the Holy Spirit.  It is our connection.

Without the Holy Spirit, we have a hole in us.  When sin takes us far off-track and we feel the tug, that is the Holy Spirit trying to keep us connected.

My Answers:

Peter quoted the prophecy of the arrival of the spirit of God.  The arrival that would prompt additional prophecy relating to Christ’s return.  The day of the Lord is progressing now that Jesus is risen and sits at the throne in heaven.

Consistency and magnitude.  This is not something that will be missed.  It is not something within the control of man

The Holy Spirit has been present and a part of everything that the other parts of the Trinity are involved with.  From creation to the prophecy and arrival of Jesus, to the start of the church and in the end times.  The H/S has been God’s spiritual presence with and in man in the same way that Jesus was the physical presence and the Word a linkage between the two.

Guiding my actions and life.  By setting and controlling all things in the spiritual realm and providing strength, peace, protection and guidance.

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved

God is in control and righteousness wins and redeems what belongs to Him.


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  1. I would appreciate very much if you could kindly send me the notes 11.5 Revelation. looking forward to notes 12. Thanks.

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