13.4 Revelation – Flood Gates

Flood Gates

There are dozens if not hundreds of specific examples in the bible when God withheld His righteous wrath.  I know within my own life, the tally of moments that have been wasted on things other than serving Him is monumental.  The number of sins against God are an unbearable weight.  Multiply that by the multitudes of people and time and the amount of wrath that has been withheld is unfathomable.

Yet, God waits.  God is patient and kind.  God loves.  God is the father of the story of the prodigal son.  And, God is just.

When the flood gates of wrath are opened on the Day of the Lord, I don’t think we have any comprehension of how things will be.  I’m grateful for the book of Revelation and for this study so I’m more equipped to recognize the signs and heed the warnings.  I’m even more drawn to praise God.

My Answers:

Number 16, where Aaron ran through the camp with incense and the Lord stopped the plague.  God is willing to turn back His anger and hold His righteous wrath.  He is patient and forgiving, but not unjust.

I give thanks to Him for His patience and for forgiveness, not from what I have done but from what Jesus did.


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