15.5 Revelation – Freedom


We are called to lay our sins, our worries, our pain, our fears at the feet of our Lord and Savior.  When we turn things over to Jesus, we are freed from the burden.  But, that does not make them magically disappear.  Jesus takes these things from us and carries them in our stead.  He takes on each and every sin that is confessed.  He takes on the emotions we turn over to Him.

Those who love Jesus, such as the elders in heaven, see the baggage He carries for those He loves and long for Him to be freed of it forever.  The way this will happen is when creation has been set right again, when it is restored to the state of original creation with sin destroyed, evil destroyed, wickedness destroyed and its remnant purged from all creation.

Like every other restoration project, it begins with demolition.  The old, rotten and decayed is ripped away and destroyed.  This is what we see in the cleansing wrath of the judgements of God played out upon creation by His angels.  When the rot is ripped away, Christ will return to rule over a new heaven and new earth, where there is no pain, no sin, no tears.  Where the hardships and hurt that Jesus has carried for us have been destroyed forever.


My Answers:

24 elders seated on thrones fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying, Thanks to God, He is powerful, Wrath has come, the time to judge the dead and reward the servants, prophets and all who revere God’s name (both great and small), also time for destroying the earth

All will be judged.  Rewards to servants, prophets, people who revere the name of God (great and small)

Watchful.  I’m reading, hearing and heeding as commanded.


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