17.3 Revelation – Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal

Reading about the names written in the book of life made me think about what books my name is written in.  I’ve signed my own name in a few different books over the years, assignment books, note books, year books, books that were gifts to others.  But, these are different than someone else writing your name in a book.

I am blessed with a prayer warrior as a wife.  Not only does she diligently spend time in prayer with God every day, but she also journals her prayers and records praises for answered prayer and the protection and provision God has provided far beyond what she had asked or known to seek.  As I sat on the side of the bed one morning this week, glancing at the chair where she sits and spends quiet time with God, I realized that her prayer journal is probably the main book in the world where my name appears repeatedly over the years.

It then made me think, what if the Book of Life is not an invitee list, but Jesus’ own prayer journal.  We know from scripture that He is our main advocate for us to the Father consistently through time.  We know Jesus prays, as He modeled prayer to us in the gospels.  What if the reason our names appear in the book is because, having accepted the gift of faith, we have become part of Jesus’ family, and, like my wife, He is chronicling the wondrous work of the Father and Spirit in our lives?


My Answers:

to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them, authority over every TPLN, All inhabitants of earth worshiped the beast (except those whose name had been written in the Lamb’s book of life)

Those who have been saved.  Yes.  Through Faith, a gift of the Father received through the power of the Holy Spirit

John: worlds hates you, first hated christ – hates you because you are not “of the world”
Roman: everything written was to teach, hope comes from endurance and encouragement of word
2 Cor: As servants of God we are commended by the hardships bestowed on us
Col: Prayerfully be strengthened and will and understanding of spirit, bear fruit, grow, strength
1Tim: flee from evil, pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness

by always being present, by being constant and true,  by calling me to repent and return during times of sin


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