20.3 Revelation – God is Real and Really Wants Us

God is real.  He is tangible.  He fills space.  He exists within a time.  He can be seen, felt, experienced.  He can be addressed and He responds.  He has a home, a temple, a tabernacle.  He enters into and keeps covenants.  In these ways and more God is a person, greater and mightier than any human person, but with all the attributes of a person and more.  Each person of God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) is equally a person.  No part of God is less than a person.

I know that it is impossible to not see that throughout scripture, but, for some reason, it is not always acknowledge and believed.  We shout up a plea when we are in trouble, but we don’t address it to the person of God, we just shout.  Our actions and thoughts betray our worship of created things, in denial of the pain this causes to a jealous creator.

John witnesses the physical presence of God in heaven.  His presence completely fills the tabernacle – so much so that no one (man or angel) can enter – there simply is not room, it is so filled.

This is the same desire we should have for our interaction with God.  Not only acknowledging that He is real and present, but asking, directly asking Him, to not only be present in our lives but to totally fill our life.

I look at the lives of the apostles and every moment of every day became filled with God.  No matter what torture or imprisonment, not matter what persecution or threat, nothing could enter them because they were fully filled.

Do you seek the same relationship with God?  Are you more comfortable with a God that is fully filling you or one that is just “out there somewhere”, not too near, not too distant?  Are you more comfortable with a God whose “got your back” but doesn’t interfere in the way you want to live?

God desires a relationship with you like no other.  He desires to fully fill you with His spirit, His power, His might, His love.  But He wants all those things to much that He doesn’t force any of them.  Welcome Him and He will do amazing things – keep Him at arms reach and, He is there, but you miss out.

God is eternal.  He isn’t going anywhere.  It is the rest of us that have a limited time to open ourselves to Him – just ask and He will do the rest.  Our bodies are to be temples.

My Answers:

the temple, the tabernacle of the covenant law – and it was opened.  The 7 angels with 7 plagues came out of the temple dressed in clean shining linen with golden sashes – they received 7 bowls of wrath from the 4 living creatures

it is real and tangible, visible, fills (like a cloud/smoke).  So filling and powerful that men (or angels) could not enter the temple

God is above and beyond.  By being eternal He is subservient to no one or no thing.  He predated and goes on for eternity.

I look forward anxiously to joining Him in perfect unity (perfect community.


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