20.5 Revelation – Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

I had a college roommate who was a sound sleeper.  A lot of it may have had to do with the hours he kept, but trying to help wake him up, particularly after he had stayed up late cramming for a test, was daunting.  As his alarm blared and his backup alarm roared, he snored.  Yelling at him escalated to turning the lights on, escalated to throwing things at him.  Finally, the only thing that would awaken him was to literally shake him out of the bed.

I was reminded of this in the earthquake that accompanies the final bowl judgment.  It is the ultimate final wake-up call.  No more gentle nudges.  No more sing-song wake-ups.  No more bird and wave sound alarms.  This is a “your house is on fire and you are going to burn up (for all eternity) wake up shake”.

We tend to focus on the power and the terribleness of these final judgments/  But isn’t it also reassuring that even up to shaking people out of the planet, with no place to hide under the covers, God pours out His desire on mankind to wake up and repent and turn to Him?

And isn’t more amazing and far more terrible that even in the grasp of God shaking them violently to wake up and repent, they still refuse?

My Answers:


The heavens and the skies opened and the earth quaked like nothing before in all creation – islands disappear and mountains fall

personally seen was aftermath of a Tornado in Joplin.  heard of would be the Japan tsunami

Terrifying – there will be no place to turn or hide – but more so terrifying is the fact that they still curse God

To be ready and alert.  To not follow the worlds ways and be deceived – to joyfully anticipate God

Working – prepared to fulfill duties – not sleeping on the job

Amazingly they still curse God rather than repent.  It is a total denial of God’s justice replaced by their own.  They want to be God.


7 thoughts on “20.5 Revelation – Wake Up Call”

  1. I read your notes every Monday evening before I go to bed, after I have reviewed my lesson and answers. I enjoy your daily notes, and read your answers to get another viewpoint. When you have not updated your blog, I say a special prayer for you and your family, in hopes that all is well, and that life got in the way, not sickness or trauma. Thank you for posting this. The notes and God are good!

    1. Thank you for your kind note. Dealing with a lot of family illness this past weekend and this week. I am very grateful for your prayers. Please keep them going for at least a few more days until God sees us through these challenges.

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