23.5 Revelation – Sharing the Truth

Many job applicants think the interview starts when they enter the room with the interviewer.  For most jobs, the evaluation starts far earlier.  It starts with the resume and cover letter.  The professionalism in answering the phone when called for the interview counts.  The interaction with the receptionist counts.  Every interaction is being inspected and evaluated.

In the same way, our witness for the Lord does not start and stop when we get to say our practiced script about how we came to a personal relationship with Jesus.  Those around us are watching the way we live, how we speak, how we give, how we interact with others at home, at school at work and in the community.  They assess our demeanor.  They assess what seems to be most important to us.

On one hand, this is terrifying because it implies that we are always on duty.  On the other hand, we are only conduits for the work of the Holy Spirit.  This is not a sales job.  This is a job that revolves around one simple thing – the Truth.

But, as a sinful person, how do I provide a witness that serves God?  Prayer.  Plain and simple, it is through continuous prayer.  Ephesians 6, after discussing the full armor of God concludes with verse 18: And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

My Answers:

Destruction – to be thrown down as a millstone thrown into the sea

Because of the eternal communion with God, resurrection, just as Christ was resurrected from death, to be drawn to heaven and live forever in the kingdom of God

The troubles around us, though severe and troubling, are temporary

Teaching, leading through example, sharing my faith and what it means.  Being sure to use the name of the Lord – it is a phrase that is quickly being lost to the language in a positive sense as we become more babylonian


4 thoughts on “23.5 Revelation – Sharing the Truth”

  1. I would appreciate very much if you could still kindly send me the notes on Lesson 24 & 25, whenever you have the notes ready and time to do so. Have a great spring break . Thanks.

  2. HI again,wandering if you are sending out Lesson 24 notes. Appreciate you time and work you put into preparing the notes. Many thanks.

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