25.5 Revelation – I would believe if…

If you’ve ever had a serious discussion about God with a non-believer you have heard it:  “I would believe in God if…”  or “I can’t believe in a God who…”  or “if there were proof, then…”.

But, those are lies and deceptions.  They are ways of men trying to put themselves above God and judge God.  It is a means of denying faith in God by denying faith.  If it requires absolute proof, it is not faith, it is simply the logical fact.

We see it even in our passages from Revelation 20.  Even when there is proof.  Even when the dead are brought back to life.  Even when we see angels and martyrs gathered in praise.  Even when Satan is removed from the world and lies are removed.  Even then men still create their own lies.  Even then, when it is not a matter of faith, they still deny God.

If you have had one of these conversations you can sometimes come away feeling inadequate.  I know this is real and good and right and the truth.  If only I could say the right thing to convince them, if only I were better at apologetics or memorized more scripture.  If only my faith were stronger, better.  If only my life wasn’t filled with such hypocrisy.

But, take solace.  Even in the presence of the Risen Lord, even when every Nation, Language, People and Tribe will come under Him, still, they will not believe.

Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ is not your work, it is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Our duty and honor is simply to be fully present in the moment, in love and peace with our savior, and move our own pride out of the way so the Holy Spirit can fully work through us.  But even then, some will sadly continue to hold to the lies instead of to the love.

My Answers:

Satan is real – He is now, will be imprisoned, will be set free to deceive and then will be thrown into eternal suffering

God is patient – He can do this at any time – but He waits until the full measure of those to be saved has chosen.

It is assured – not by my acts or deeds but by Jesus’

It will be Good, fair, just, honorable, prosperous, fair, true


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