27.4 Revelation – Communion

The original and future relationship of God and man is perfect communion.  In the garden of Eden, God and man lived together, walked, talked.  In the New Heaven and New Earth this will come again.  Today in our churches we participate in communion, as directed by Jesus at the last supper.

But what is communion?  What does the word mean?

The english word we use comes from a Latin root that commonly is thought of as joined together.  Augustine referred to it as com (with) – unus (together, unity).

But the greek word that is translated to communion in the bible is actually much simpler.  The greek word simply means sharing.

When the apostles and the early church came together break bread, there wasn’t a mine and yours, there was open sharing.  Everything belonged to everyone, if only for a meal or a day.  No one was “taking away from” someone else, since all was freely given and open to all.  There were not givers and takers, haves and have notes, there was just sharing.

This is the relationship that God invites us in to.  Think about that for a moment.  This is the relationship that the creator of us and of everything invites us into.  A relationship of continuous and forever sharing.  There is no guilt or bartering, no taking or wanting, no cost, no payback, no debt.  There is simply open continuous forever sharing.

This is the same relationship that God has as the trinity, the Father, the Son, The Holy Spirit, three in one, full, complete and open sharing of love and of everything.  This is the relationship that God originally had with and for man and it is the relationship we will again have one day.

(for a good discussion on communion see: http://web.stanford.edu/group/religiouslife/docs/sermons/2003/sermon_09-14-2003_McLennan.pdf)

My Answers:

a temple, the sun, or moon, to close the gates

1K: Continuation of tabernacle, God’s temple, His glory filled, a place for the covenant of the Lord
J: Jesus’ body is the temple of the Lord (the place where He lives), raised up again in 3 days
1C: Our bodies are the temple of the H/S, who is in us, not our own, but of God

Ex: by day, God went ahead in a pillar of cloud, by night in pillar of fire to give them light
Ps: God’s word is a lamp for our feet, a light to my path
J: Jesus said, “I am the light of the world, whoever follows will never walk in darkness, always light”

In the new heaven and earth we will always be in the presence of God, always open to be with Him and He, like light, will be w/us

God is and always has been present, but in different manifestations.  None or more or less God, but some are more physical and visible than others.  But God is always visible in His creation and He is always real and accessible to us through prayer and His word.


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