29.5 Revelation – The Main Event

Revelation 22:17 starts with “The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!””

As I read this I thought about “come to what?”, “come to where?”.  Aren’t we already in heaven?  Hasn’t judgment day come and gone and this is the after-life?

A few weeks back I was at a, for lack of a better term, let’s call it a gala.  When we arrived at the venue there was interesting and enticing food and drink.  All the people in attendance were dressed in fine dress, some in very colorful native dress from their countries of origin.  There was music and entertainment.  The servers were welcoming and friendly.  Conversations were wonderful and engaging as friends embraced and new introductions and friendships were begun.  All attending had been invited and had made the choice to attend.  It was a wonderful event.

Then the doors to the main dining room were opened and we were called to come in to a banquet that had been specially prepared.  There was no rush or pushing or jockeying for position because each of us had a reserved seat with our name carefully placed.  Everyone was courteous and welcoming to each other, all filled with the joy of meeting with and being greeted by the host of honor, the master of the ceremonies.

When I read the invitation in Revelation 22 to come, and each of the times Jesus expresses that He is coming, I think of how these earthly galas will pale in comparison to the banquet of the spirit, the bride and the Lamb. I also realize that however wonderful I see the part of heaven that is described in the bible, there is even more and greater joy when the banquet doors are opened and we are called inside to meet God face-to-face.

Each of us has received an invitation.  Each of us has a ticket, paid in full by the sacrifice of Jesus and His defeat of sin and death.  But, each of us must choose to accept the invitation, dress in the robes provided by the host and show up.

Who do you still need to tell to come?  If you absolutely know for certain that the prophecy of Revelation is 100% trustworthy and true, what do you need to change in your life?  Your life is a witness to others (whether you intend it to be or not).  Your words are a witness.  Your heart drives your words.  If you have taken to heart this prophecy, has that invoked change in your heart, word, actions, life, interactions, love, witness?

My Answers:

This is the only place for choice.  This is where man was allowed to choose.  The choice we make here is eternal.  I desire for as many as Christ has chosen me to reach to come.  Let no person stumble because of me!

There is urgency, but also assuredness and completion.  It isn’t just a command, but also an invitation.  And all who accept the invitation also are empowered to call out for more.


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