01.3 John – Not all God’s Children

If God is the Father then ever one is “a child of God”, right?  We’re all God’s children.  Alan Jackson recorded a country song with that title.  Jamie Rivera also recorded a song by that name that was the theme song for the 2015 visit of the Pope to the Philippines.  It is a name used by several non-profit organizations promoting good causes around the world and the idea that everyone is the same regardless of who they are, where they live, what they believe or how they conduct their life.

But, is it true?  Are we all God’s children?

God is the creator of all.

God is the King of all.

God is the God of all.

But is God the Father of all?  John 1:12-13 has a different definition of what it means to be a Child of God.  Verse 12 says there are 2 requirements to have the right to be called a child of God: (1) You must receive Jesus and (2) You must believe in His name.

We are not children of God simple because we are human, or that we were born.  We are not children of God because of something our parents or ancestors did or believed or the nation, tribe or people that they came from.  We aren’t children of God because we researched all the options and picked it as being the most logical.

We are children of God because we are adopted into God’s family.  We are chosen, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word to receive the gift of salvation.  We do nothing but accept the gift and believe in Jesus.  We are neither included in or excluded from based on any will, birthright or action of our own, only by grace and by faith.

It is also impossible to be a Child of God, to accept God as your Father, without also accepting Jesus as your brother.  There is no path that leads to being a member of God’s family without accepting kinship with Jesus as God and as the Son of God.  It would be like being adopted into a family but refusing to acknowledge the Son of the Father.

So, while it may make for a catchy tune and a great slogan, it doesn’t match what the scriptures say.  If you truly want to be a Child of God, put your Faith in Jesus alone.

My Answers:

The Jews, especially the leaders, the priests.  They deny Him, they lie and twist the good news to something wrong and bad.  They reject Him and His true authority and make themselves in authority instead (to be like gods).

Have the Son of God.  Believe.  (by grace alone we are saved, not by own doing – Eph 2:8)

a. Entered into the world as a human infant, without power or ability for self preservation
b. Not through the conception of man and woman
c. Not at a time, place or through a person of self choosing
d. Not at a time, place and through a person of self choosing
e. By the consummation of the Holy Spirit to cause Mary to conceive

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