04.5 John – Born from above, Born again

When John discussed Jesus, he said that He comes from above and is above all.

When Jesus addressed Nicodemus at the beginning of the chapter, He replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”  The word used for “again”, is the same word that also means “from above”

When we are “born again”, we are not born again the same.  When we descend into the water of baptism, either in sprinkling or in full immersion, we symbolically follow the path of Christ into the grave, leaving our sins to be washed in the water and to emerge into a new life of the Spirit.  We are born again not of the flesh and to the flesh but from above to the Spirit.

Jesus was the first human to be born “from above.”  He is the first born of the saved and brother to all who follow Him, as the first Son of all the children of God.

As those who follow Him, we are directed to follow the model of John the Baptist.  We must speak the truth.  We must accept Jesus as our Lord.  We must recognize and pronounce Him for all that He is, the bridegroom, the one who comes from heaven, the Messiah.  We must become smaller so that we reflect more of His light.

And, most importantly, we must have joy.  We share the love of Jesus by sharing the joy of salvation, the peace that passes all understanding, that keeps our hearts and minds on Him.

My Answers:

1. He spoke the truth.  2. He pointed to Jesus.  3. He accepted Jesus as His Lord and testified as such 4. He recognized the voice of God present in Jesus

God, the bridegroom, the greater.  He comes from above all and is above all.  He comes from Heaven and is Lord.  He is the Son of God the Father


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