05.3 John – Relationship focused

When we think of the things of the world that we thirst for, most of them are lonely.  The vices of this world, whether power or lust or greed are largely self-serving, self-gratifying, self-indulging.

The wrongs we do, but in these vices and in our efforts to grasp them, often leads us to hide.  We do not want to face those we step on.  We don’t want to be with others that we consider ourselves better than or above.  We, too often, want to only be served.

But, that is one of the reasons that these things never fulfill.

We were created for relationship.  One of man’s first desires, recognized and ordained by God, was for a partner relationship between Adam and Eve.  Our coming in to being was an act of relationship with God as He breathed life into us.  We find that our entire beings, all the way down to our body chemistry, interact with other people.

The woman at the well came from many broken relationships.  We don’t know if her past was marred by divorce or death?  We only know that the man she currently was with was not a husband and she came to the well totally alone in the middle of the day.  But Jesus, the least likely person in the world to which she might have a relationship, sought one with her.  He sought to drink with her, to talk with her, to share with her, and to give her the gift of eternal life with Him.

My Answers:

Everyone who drinks this water will thirst again, whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst

The Word of God, the gift of Salvation sealed on the inside by the Holy Spirit

The vices of the world, temptations to sin and then to hide

She asked Jesus for the water, but still equated it only with the physical (so I don’t have to keep coming here)

By inviting me into a relationship with Him. By reminding me that He is Lord – the one who exercises ownership of everything and who provides food, shelter and work


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