05.5 John – What is the most important thing you can do today?

As a follower of Jesus Christ, hopefully the answer to that question is to spread the good news to others.  You can do that in many different settings and situations.  It doesn’t need to be done in a church or on a mission trip, it can be done where you work, eat, live.  It can be done with words, but also with service, through interactions or even in quiet prayer.

But, being honest, how many days of this past week could you say that was your big rock for the day?  To use the Stephen Covey analogy, we may call that the big rock, but then we first fill our lives with little rocks, the little details of life of laundry, cooking, work, etc.  If the big rock happens to fit in, great, but many days go by and it just didn’t fit.

Obviously, there isn’t anything wrong with laundry, cooking or work.  There isn’t anything wrong with most of the day-to-day things we do.  The thing that is wrong is when we get so much in a rut or a mistaken priority, that they become the things that prevent us from sharing and caring for others.

I think this is one of the key messages of the woman at the well.  She came for water.  She needed water.  She got water every day.  But when Jesus presented her with the opportunity to share, she left the water jug behind and rushed off to share.

Are you willing to interrupt your day to help and serve?  Which directs your life, your todo list or Matthew 28:19?  Is your living water acting like it is alive, or do you keep it all bottled up so you can just get some stuff done?

My Answers:

She came for water, she drew water, she left the water.  Her mind was no longer on the water in her jar or the well.  Once having tasted the truth, she didn’t turn immediately back to the physical, but was compelled to tell others.

she went and told others and they came to him – she heard and was saved

a. Jewish men didn’t chat with unchaperoned women, b. Jews didn’t associate with Samaritans
He was above both of these social norms

I know, yet I still don’t ask for living water each day


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