06.5 John – Direction not Confirmation

The lesson with the signs in our lesson this week can be confusing for people.  In John 4:48 Jesus admonishes the people (plural) around Him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”  But does that mean that signs and wonders are bad or praying to see them is negative.

What we need to keep in mind is the type of prayer and request.  If we ask for Jesus help, such as healing or strength, we need to trust and obey.  He says that He hears our prayers.  We don’t need to ask or expect confirmation that He’s got it and is taking action.  To do so is to doubt His promise to us.

On the other hand, if we seek direction or guidance on how to do our work better, then we may ask for a sign to help show us the way.  This sign may come through a series of events that unfold (what others may call coincidence but that we know is the hand of God).  It may come through another, through the scriptures or it may actually be a sign.

The signs and wonders of our Lord are works of art.  They are wonderful and beautiful.  But the one to be admired and loved is the artist, not the artwork.  It is not the paint or brush or canvas, but the master who uses these things for our good.  The admonition is to not allow our focus to shift to the created not the creator.

My Answers:

Jesus first viewed the official in the light of those in Galilee and the area.  They lacked faith in Him and only placed faith in the signs and wonders He performed.  It was about the art not the artist.  But the royal official did not require proof.  He heard the words of Jesus and obeyed, unquestioningly.
a result, he witnessed and participated in a very big sign

It is fine to ask Jesus for healing and care for ourselves and others, but do not require Jesus to prove Himself.  Ask, trust and obey.

He asked, and accepted what Jesus said.  He obeyed and trusted.


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