08.2 John – Harvest not Guilt

A couple of weeks ago in our lessons, Jesus discussed that the time of harvest was at hand.  During harvest season, there is very little rest.  The equipment runs day and night to get the crops in lest any wither on the vine or be diminished by storms.

Jesus calls those of us who are His workers to participate in the harvest.  This is not because He needs us, His power and the power of the Holy Spirit are sufficient.  But, He allows us to participate for our joy and strengthening and for unity and development of His church.

Our faithfulness is not only in the things we do, but it is also in the things we omit.  As the confession says more clearly, I have sinned against you in thought word and deed, not only by the things I have done, but by the things I have left undone.  It is not only the “crops” we hurt, but also the “crops” we fail to harvest because we are doing other things.

There is no doubt this is a real sin and one we need to bring to mind when we confess and pray.  There are many times that we become too focused on ourselves and our own wants and needs and desires to the detriment of others.  We get so focused on our destination to get to church that we drive past people who desperately need help.

While we need to watch for those sins, we also need to accept God’s grace in those areas.  In comparison to the needs of the world, we stand totally insufficient.  We cannot carry the burden of “not doing enough”, because it will crush us.  We need to keep in mind that God doesn’t need us to carry that burden, He is sufficient to carry it on His own.  He doesn’t need our help, He allows and desires us to help for our good and the good of the church.


My Answers:

It was not yet time to enter into that level of conflict

He wanted to to go with his disciples to a quiet place and get some rest.  The people ran ahead and He had compassion on them and taught them many things.  He placed a heavy emphasis on the “time of harvest” and staying focused on work.

The sin of omission is one that we gloss over.  It is not the things we have done, but the things we have left undone.  I pray that God guide me in this and also give me peace.  It is easy to fall into a feeling of “I could have done more”, given all the hurt and anguish in the world, but it is not by our own efforts that change happens but by the power of the Holy Spirit.




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