09.3 John – In not About

I felt the need to change one of the questions in our study today.  It asked, what must a person believe about Jesus.  I think that is the wrong preposition.  I don’t think we are called to believe about Jesus, I think we are called to believe in Jesus.

The difference is at the heart of this and next week’s lesson.  Believing about Jesus is a surface belief.  It is a study of facts and figures.  It is a faith on appearance.  It is outward, logical.  Even the demons believe about Jesus for they know the facts.  To use the Greek, this is a belief strictly in the Logos.  To use the Star Trek, it is a Spock level belief.

But believing in Jesus is to reunite back to the original creation of man and our position as being made in God’s image and joined to Him.  It is intimate.  It is a connection, a uniting, a wedding.  It is full and complete, body, mind and soul.

I think it is part of the reason Jesus keeps discussing being the bread of life with the people.  He doesn’t want to be “out there” to us, He wants to be “in here” with us.  He came to this earth.  He became a man.  He loves us.

My Answers:

They wanted (we want at times) a list of things we can do with our hands.  If I do this or that, then I’ve “earned” it.  If I follow the law close enough then I deserve it.  The one work Jesus gave them was to believe in Jesus

It is not believing about, it is believing in.  It is placing ourselves, body and soul, into the faith that He gave His blood on the cross as a sacrifice of atonement for us because He is righteous and He loves and wants us

Every time I try to “do it myself” first.  Any time I think I am doing something “for” God.  Anytime I get stiff necked and start to think “I’m good”.


One thought on “09.3 John – In not About”

  1. Thank you for the re-stating of the question; I, too, had that internal nudge regarding the essence of Knowing Jesus.

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