15.2 John – Waiting = Following = Waiting

Waiting is hard.  We want things and we want them now.  We take on great amounts of dead so we can get things we want now and pay for them later.  We want desert first, payment in advance.

If we wait we might miss out.  What if it is all gone?  What if we can’t get ours?  Advertising hypes scarcity simply to feed on this fear that we have.  Quantities are limited, for a limited time only.  We go for it even when it isn’t something we really want.

But this is not God’s way.  Our God is not a God of scarcity; He is the creator of all.  Our God never runs out.

But waiting is still difficult.  We run ahead and pray for God to catch up with our plans.  We dart into danger and pray for protection.  Our definition of being a follower of Christ, too often, is that Christ is following up and cleaning up our messes.

But what Jesus demonstrated was different.  He demonstrated waiting for God’s timing.  He knew what was going to happen and how it was going to happen, but He didn’t know when and He waited.  We see this same aspect of Jesus in regard to His second coming.  Even He does not know the time, but the Father does.

Notice, though that waiting for God’s time did not leave Jesus to idleness.  He continued doing the work He had been doing every day.  He wasn’t stuck while waiting, He was working while waiting.

And, very importantly, He waited in peace.  One of our greatest challenges in being a witness to others is that we act, too often, like the rest of the world.  We are unsettled.  We rush about.  We are busy, busy, busy.  Over and over again, we are called to peace and joy.  We are to do our work diligently as for the Lord, but that does not mean to panic and rush around in a flurry.  Our focus should be on those around us and witnessing to them, not checking tasks off of our to do list.

Where in your life are you praying on the fly, because you have flown off the handle?  Where are you asking God to catch up, when you’ve rushed ahead?  Where do you have anxiety and stress because you are focused on doing, doing, doing, going, going, going?  Where have you decided the right path and timing before prayer, instead of after?  What would your life look like if you measured your day by the people you witnessed to rather than the tasks you checked off?  What would your life look like if you prayed peacefully instead of panicked prayer?

My Answers:

Because He knew that He would be performing a miracle to bring Lazarus back to life and demonstrate His authority over death.

Because it can open others eyes to the attributes of God and the joy and comfort of faith and trust

Because he loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.  Because he waited for the correct time to go

Yes, with situations with our children.  In hindsight I see that God had something bigger and better in plan than my quick solution.

Those who walk in the light (stay in God’s will) do not stumble.  This does not mean it is an easy walk, but it does mean we are protected and secure.


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