15.5 John – There is always a “better” with God

In these verses in Chapter 11 we finally get to the heart of the Pharisees’ issue with Jesus.  They had been beaten down, forced into submission to the Roman government.  They had little control, little say and little hope.  In their eyes, things were either going to stay the same or get worse.  There was no third door.  If Jesus didn’t stop, wasn’t stopped, then things would only go from bad to worse.  It is a tale that had followed the people of God over and over again.  Remember the Hebrews after leaving bondage in Egypt.  Within days, they were grumbling and wanting to go back to the way things were before.  Restore the status quo.

This mindset can happen to us, too, today.  When we are beaten down by life’s events, by trials and tribulation and problems all around us, it is easy to begin to believe things either stay the same or get worse.  We lose hope in promises of improvement and we are not surprised when our leaders stand in the way of those who call for a different path.  With our head hanging low, we can only see a downward path.

But, with God, there is always a better.  Even when we can’t imagine what better looks like, God already knows and has it ready.  Even when we feel things are hopeless, God says, put your hope in me.  When all we see are attackers and battles, God says be not afraid.  When we cannot take another step, God sweeps us into His arms. When darkness closes in, His is the light of the world.

There is always a better.  That isn’t a wish or a dream, it is a fact.  When we can’t imagine what it might be, that is OK.  It isn’t our job to imagine it, it is our job to put our faith in Christ.  When we turn our eyes to the Lord, we look up.  Our focus is no longer on the valley, but on the mountaintop.  Our journey is not more of the same but a destination of holiness and purity and perfection and peace.

My Answers:

Many believed.  Others went and reported to the Pharisees who called a meeting of the Sanhedrin.

What are we accomplishing.  He is performing many signs. If let him go on, everyone will believe in him, then the Romans will come and take away both our temple and our nation.

The status quo.  The temple. Themselves and their position and role in the temple. They saw only a worse, not a better.

14.You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.  As high priest he was, (probably) unknowingly to himself, prophesying of Jesus’ sacrificial death to take on the death of all to defeat sin and death that we may be redeemed.

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