22.4 John – OK to Ask

My daughter recently changed to a new school and there was one particular problem or topic in chemistry that wasn’t clicking for her.  She went through the practice exercises in the homework.  She read the textbook.  She asked other students.  She asked her parents (not that I was any help in that regard).  She even looked on line.  But, there were still questions.  Then she stayed after school one day and asked the teacher.  The teacher very patiently and thoroughly went through it with her in different ways and perspectives, even to the extent of basically giving her a copy of the upcoming test and coaching her through it.  And, now she understands it (and aced the test!).

In our verses today, Jesus reminds us that it is OK to just ask the teacher.  We can read the bible.  We can fast and meditate.  We can seek counsel of others.  But, we can also just ask God.  He is patient.  Just as we saw in verse 12, he is not going to burden us with more than we can bear.  He wants us to grow and learn and understand.  This is not some mystery or riddle that is a trick for us to go decipher.  Jesus wants us to know and understand it.  He wants our eyes to be open and our thoughts to be clear.

I am not saying to throw out your bible and cut ties with other believers just to rely on divine inspiration.  Reading the bible and talking to others, just like reading the textbook and discussing with other classmates, provides a foundation and basis for the Teacher to pour understanding into our lives.

 My Answers:

The time when He is dead and in the tomb.  The time of His resurrection.
While Laz was in the tomb they did not see, Him, but He came out at Jesus’ calling and was seen again and ate and lived with them.
Could also mean the time between His Ascension and Pentecost.
Could also mean the time between His Ascension and the Second Coming

Jesus showed his compassion by answering their unasked questions.  He said they would morn, this is their time of mourning, they would have grief and would weep, but it would pass and a time of joy would replace it, a time of rejoicing

I ponder it and sometimes as others.  He says to ask God in His name.


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