2.2 Romans – The Artist

Life is a great big canvas.

I don’t know if you paint or not or have an appreciation for painting.  While it is not one of my talents, my wife and children all have been blessed with an eye for color and a talented hand to guide the brush.  One of the things I have noticed and learned from being with them is that painting not only requires a number of different colors, but it also requires a number of different brushes and techniques.  There are big brushes and small ones, broad fanning bristles and bristles that come to a fine point.  The skill of the artist is not in mastery of one brush and one color, but in the combination.

In today’s lesson I thought about how God is the master artist.  He not only created everything, but He also created life so that we could know and enjoy and appreciate His creation.  In many ways, all of creation is His gift to us.

Like an artist, God puts part of Himself and reveals part of Himself in every brush stroke.  Throughout nature we seed the broad strokes.  We see the broad strokes of beauty in a sunset.  We see the broad stokes of vastness and space in the cosmos.  These broad strokes are plainly evident to all and there is not logical denial of an artist behind them.

But God is not just the artist of broad strokes.  He also desires for us to know Him intimately and for Him to put the fine details into our lives.

When we push God out of our lives.  When we deny His presence in the artwork, we don’t deny the artwork, we just decide we are a better painter than God.  If Michelangelo were in your studio, would you push him out so that you could paint yourself.  If DaVinci were there would you do the same?  But that is exactly what we do when we close the studio of our hearts to knowing God.


My Answers:

God has made himself evident and plain but despite knowing they choose to not know and lead others astray

He is creator, magnificent, powerful, mighty, big, beautiful, God – Validation of the bible is found in nature and science

The specifics of God and how He specifically has interacted with His people in Love and salvation

Do it myself attitude. Trusting God will follow. I lay plans and ask God to bless and follow them instead of asking God what my plans should be and trusting Him


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