2.5 Romans – Wrong Path

I enjoyed the question in today’s study asking the difference between depraved and not thinking it worthwhile to retain knowledge of God.

To me, the thought that came to mind is a road.  God has a plan and a purpose for my life, a journey, a road to travel.  This road leads to Him and all the good and holy things He has planned for my eternal life.

Beginning to think it is not worthwhile to retain knowledge of God, to begin thinking I can do something better than keeping God on my mind and in my heart, is an off-ramp from the road God has planned for me.

That off-ramp, if I continue in that thinking, leads to a road of a depraved mind.  The further I travel on that road, the farther I go away from the road God has for me.  It never leads to anything good or better, just taking me from one unfulfilling by-way to another.

Interestingly, the root of the word depraved comes from de – “completely and pravus – “crooked”.  So, to be depraved is literally to be on the completely crooked path.  How telling it is that John the Baptists call and mission in heralding Jesus was to “make the paths straight.”


My Answers:

They are not different. One (not think) is an off-ramp of the purpose God has for our lives, the other (depraved) is a completely different path, however, neither are the right and true path. The rood of the word depraved comes from de – “completely” pravus – “crooked”. It is not the straight path of righteousness but a distortion of all that is of God.

Greed. I thought a level of greed drove initiative and commerce and a level of it was good. But it is not. It immediately puts us above our neighbor and our love of self is more than our neighbor. Jesus’ teaching is that these should be on par.


3 thoughts on “2.5 Romans – Wrong Path”

  1. Loved the great illustration of using the road as an example of God’s plans and journey for our lives. Taking the off-ramp leads one into the first steps to a downhill progression. We have knowledge of God, but He doesn’t quite fit our qualifications of a “god” of our liking. We then continue on the road to despair and a depraved mind, and lose the ability to distinguish right from wrong. We chose to reject God and rebel against God. God then allows man to do exactly as they choose, and they are enslaved more and more into their depravity. Not only do we approve of our own sins, but now we approve the sins of others and encourage their practice.

  2. I was so thrilled to get your emails today. You’ve been on my mind and I was hoping you were doing the Romans study. Thanks for all you do!!! Deb

  3. I like your posts. Unfortunately most classes in the United States are at least one week ahead of you. This coming week is Lesson 3 for most of us. All the best, Carol


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