3.3 Romans – Finding Yourself

Some spend their lives “trying to find themselves”.  They recognize they are lost and look for answers; trying on different religions and philosophies as if they are clothing, looking for what feels comfortable to them at this stage in their life.  Some have a life crisis and go off seeking, trying to find themselves in new adventures, new looks, new relationships.  Some have a crisis and go off seeking shelter in a bottle in drugs in loathing.

I found it interesting in today’s lesson that that Romans 2 outlines two paths.  Those who seek glory, honor and immortality and those who are “self-seeking”.  Glory, Honor and Immortality are all attributes of God.  They are not things we can control, do or earn.  They are things or God.

If you are “trying to find yourself”, frankly, you are on the wrong path!

But, then, what about the longing we have for identity?  Who am I?  Why am I here?  But if we look to ourselves, self-seeking, for those answers, we always come up short, because the answers to the “… am I” questions can only come from the one who is the “I am.”  Our identity is in God.  Our reason for being is because God loves us and wants us to be a part of His eternal glory and honor.  We are here to see the light of the world and to reflect that light to others.

Isn’t it interesting how, throughout the old testament, when God spoke to people such as Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, they all answered with the same phrase, “Here I am.”  When we hear and take to heart the Word, the voice of God, we no longer are trying to find ourselves, we immediately know exactly where we are.


My Answers:

Wrath. As a repentant believer I am storing up riches in heaven. As an evangelist of the gospel, I’m storing up eternal friendships and family.

First, it is a path that is a daily walk. Second, those who seek God receive eternal life from God, those who seek themselves receive wrath and anger.

Am I sharing God or building myself up? Am I trying to find more about God or am I “trying to find myself”. Is my identity in me or in God

The truth, free of favoritism. There will be trouble and distress for evil doers and glory honor and peace for those who seek God. Judged based on the evidence of the truth that we have been provided.


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