3.5 Romans – Cut and Healed

I had surgery this summer.

Most people do not have surgery because they think it is fun.  They have it because they come to the realization that it is the only choice to fix a problem they have.

On a spiritual level, we all are born with a heart problem.  We inherited our heart problem from our ancestors, all the way back to Adam and Eve who made a choice to swap out a part of their hearts, purity and connection with God, for disobedience and sin.  This left us with a hole as well as an extra part, our sinful nature.

The only solution to this problem, which is critical (as in it leads to death), is surgery.  That surgery, performed by Jesus using the Holy Spirit as His presence, first is piercing our heart with a conviction of our sins to send us into a state of repentance.  He then grafts on a new part, His righteousness, which He purchased for us on the cross.

David cried out for this in Psalm 51, “create in me a clean heart, O God.”  Ezekial, the prophet, said it this way when quoting God, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.”

My surgery is over, but the healing and recovery continues.  Some days are better than others.  Some days are painful and I feel like I’m going the wrong direction.  Other days give me hope and joy.  There are others that I work with to improve and gain strength.

I think the same is true for those of us who accepted the “heart surgery” that Jesus performs.  We may be recovering and improving the rest of lives.  We rely on others, especially the word of God, but also pastors, leaders, and others on the same path of recovery.  But not only are we getting stronger, we are becoming more holy and more like Jesus, our Lord and our brother.  We can take the trip every day from our heads down to our new hearts and sit with the Holy Spirit and sign right along with the host of angels and saints in heaven in praise to God.


My Answers:

It is an outward expression of a covenant relationship with God as His people through Abraham. It is an exclusive club, predominantly available only by birth or through a member of the club.

wearing a cross, displaying bibles and bible verses, religious symbols on cars, business cards and websites.
Baptism, communion, sacraments. Attending and dressing for church, bragging about bible study groups.

one with a heart circumcised by the holy spirit, pierced and mended by the presence of God in the person leading them to an every increasing state of holiness and a call to share the good news.
Mark 7:15 paraphrased: it is not what is on the outside but what is on the inside.

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