4.4 Romans – Fear of God

Should we go running in fear from God?  Should we shake in our boots at the thought of Him?  Should His presence make us tremble?

God is not some character from a horror movie.  He is not a bad guy, jumping out of the darkness to get us.

The opposite is true.  God is love.  God is light, in Him there is no darkness.  He is a good God who saves us.

So why should we then fear God?  I think the answer is in two ways that we can relate to.

One is to think about electricity.  We use electricity every day in many different ways.  Without it, our lives would be extremely different.  But we also recognize the power of electricity and have a rational fear to not go out of bounds with it.  We don’t take metal rods and try to touch overhead power lines.  We don’t stick our fingers in fuse boxes.

God is far more powerful than electricity and the same things apply to our need to obey the laws of God.

Second is to think about our parents.  For many of us growing up, most of the adults who knew us also knew our parents.  While we were tempted to act out, we recognized that we were not only representing ourselves, but we also were reflecting on our parents.  When we lied or cheated or stole, it affected how others in the community thought about our family, not just us.  We lived with a fear of dishonoring our families by giving in to temptations.

Hypocrisy is one of the leading arguments that people give for not attending church.  When we say one thing and do something else, we reflect poorly on what it is to be a Christ follower and dishonor God.

My Answers:

lack righteousness, lack understanding, do not seek God, turn away from God, become worthless, do not do good, to have a throat that is an open grave to a dead heart, a deceitful tongue, poison on lips, mouth full of cursing and bitterness, in a hurry to shed blood, path of background is marked with ruin and misery, do not know the way of peace and do not fear God.

The poison of vipers is on their lips. throats are open graves. We are filled with death and our lips are an means to spread pain and death to others.
What comes out of the mouth shows the character of the heart.

There is no fear of God before their eyes. This is a quote from Psalm 36:1, so true in Old and New

To recognize how my sins and misdeeds dishonor my Father, Brother and Spirit and how they also cause others to turn away from Him and think wrongly of Him


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