10.4 Romans – Opportunity to be United

As we are studying Romans, I’m also reading through the old testament and I have been convicted of something that I, too often, have taken for granted.  We have been given the opportunity to be united with Christ.  Wait, stop and actually think about that for a moment.  We have actually been given the opportunity to be united with God.  United, not see His back as He passes by while we hide in a cleft in a stone.  United, not just see His presence in a pillar of fire or smoke or as a storm on a mountaintop.  United, not just hear His voice or read His word.  United, not just walk and eat with him as the apostles did.  This is a really big deal.

I’m reminded by how many times God told Moses to step out of the way so that He could destroy this “wicked and stiff necked people.”  And, if I’m honest, my life has been as one of those people, wicked and stiff-necked!  But instead of destroying me, God has chosen to provide me with the opportunity to be united with Him!

There is a lot of words and language in our passage today.  Lots of analogies and metaphoric or symbolic language.  But through all of that, hopefully, we don’t miss the miracle of grace in the message – being united with Christ!

My Answers:

United in death, united in new life

The person we were before accepting the gift of salvation, before becoming believers

I know I am dead to sin, but still feel the pull of temptation and weakness. I lack confidence in speaking boldly and I turn to Him in prayer, too often, after instead of before


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