13.3 Romans – Mindset Matters

Robert Redenmeyer once wrote in regard to giving, “There are three kinds of giving: grudge giving, duty giving and thanksgiving.  Grudge giving says, ‘I have to’; duty giving says, ‘I ought to’; thanksgiving says, ‘I want to.’”

As we looked at the contrasts by those living by the flesh and those living by the spirit Redenmeyer’s words came to mind.  Someone living by the flesh is not excluded from living what others would view as a good life.  They may donate time and money to charitable causes.  They may help those in need.  They may be pillars of the community, servants, judges and others held in high respect and regard.  In the same way, Christians are not those who are perfect, they are simply those who are saved.  To outward appearance we often do not look decidedly different, unfortunately, than others.  We yield to temptations.  Our eyes stray.  The words that come from our mouth do not always bring glory and praise.

But God’s focus and training is not solely on outward appearances it is first and foremost on the mindset.  What is in your heart?  Do you work for My glory or for your own?

Paul teaches us that such a mindset is not native to mankind.  Our flesh desires to serve itself.  But the spirit of God calls us to thanksgiving.  We no longer need to cling to things for hopes of remaining afloat and alive.  We are secure in our salvation and one with God through the presence of the Holy Spirit within us, working and shaping us to a life of holiness.

My Answers:

Those who live according to the flesh, set on desires of the flesh, death, hostile to God, does not submit to God’s law, cannot please God
Those who live in accordance with the Spirit, set on what the Spirit desires, life and peace, submit to God – Belong to Jesus!

It bears fruit for God, We use the gift of the Spirit that is brought to us for God’s glory, focus is on eternity not the worries of this world. It does not mean we are immune, but have a different focal point and direction.

In the realm of the Spirit, Belong to Christ, Spirit gives life because of righteousness, God gives life, Jesus gives life
I am not dead but alive. By an amazing act of our Lord and by His invitation and grace even I am set free and adopted to Him.


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