13.5 Romans – Relationship

Not only did Jesus Christ come to this world to save us, but He also came to open the door to a new relationship with us.  It is actually a very old relationship, but one that we elected to break in the garden of Eden.

When you look at the contact between God and man throughout the rest of the old testament it is, well, a bit terrifying.  God shows up in fire, in smoke, in a hurricane in storms in ways that time and again cause people to fall to their face in the dirt out of wonder and awe and fear of His majesty.

God hasn’t changed, there isn’t a God of the Old Testament that is a different God than the New Testament.  God is God, unchanging.  But Jesus changed everything about us.  We now can be priests and saints.  We are not outsiders but invited members into the inner courts of our King.  We are family not enemies.

Through not only His act but the reason for His act, our relationship with God changed for all time for all who believe.

We have the ability, the invitation, to return in to a right and good relationship with God.  The same relationship that the Trinity enjoys with itself.  We don’t compete with God or try to be “like God”, we, instead live for all eternity in complete community and communion with Him.

The Holy Spirit’s presence in believers is not just a metaphor, it is the intimacy of the relationship that we now have with God.

My Answers:

Conformed to the image of Christ:
Sonship, ability to call the Almighty God, Abba Father. Testimony of this fact by the Holy Spirit. Heirs of God and co-Heirs with Christ. Share in His suffering and also share in His glory.

God knows us, knows what we want and need (will even pray for us when we do not have the words), worthy to God, loving discipline for development and growth and for our good. We are being transformed, even now, into a holy nature like Jesus Christ, being purified.

It should amaze us and humble us. It should also recognize this isn’t just Good News, but amazing news. We have been saved and elevated beyond anything we can imagin.


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  1. Hope you are well! I know you were having health issues. I’m praying the Lord continues to bless you with good health.

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