14.3 Romans – Creation

We don’t give enough credit and thought to God’s creation.  We think of rocks as just rocks and dirt as dirt, grass, birds, plants, sheep, ants, worms, they are all just things.  But over and over again the bible paints a different story.  When Cain killed Abel, his dead brothers blood cried out to God from the ground.  In Leviticus 18, God warns the people against defiling the land as the Canaanites did, lest “it vomit you out.”  On Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, when the Pharisee’s told Jesus to chastise the crowds for calling out to Him, Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord, Jesus told them, “if the people keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

Clearly we are quick to dismiss and under value something that we don’t understand.  But, just as clearly, there is much more going on than we give credit.

In Revelation we are foretold about the destruction that is wrought upon the world, the plants, even the sky and stars, because of the corruption of sin on God’s creation.  We see the way we contaminate and pollute, but this is more and deeper, this is a permeation by sin itself into the very substance of this world and all around us.

Should we then be surprised that God creation yearns to be liberated from our sin?  Should we be dismissive when we realize that we truly are, at time, dumber than dirt – especially when it comes to desiring a close relationship with God?

My Answers:

All things in the physical realm

not give up its fruit, hard labor, rocks cry out, decay, death. All was brought on by sin. Revelation says large portions will be destroyed because of sin.

The beast will be defeated and thrown into a lake of fire and the world will be set free from the effects of sin. A new heaven and new earth will come and those in Christ will rise with new bodies to ever lasting life.
What we see is temporary but was is to come is eternal


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