15.2 Romans – Works

When we think of God, we normally think of Him, seated on His throne in Heaven. While this is true, it is not the complete picture of God.  Instead, what we learn in Romans 8:28 is that God works.  Not only that but that God works for you and for your good.  Not only that but He is doing it in ALL things.

If that doesn’t blow your mind, it should.  No other religion, no other philosophy, no other belief system or people is so bold as to believe that their god is working for them.  Sure, maybe an occasional favor or wish or blessing if they work enough to appease their god.  But for a god to be alive and active and working for their benefit, no way.  They work for their gods, not the other way around.

This one verse is a radical concept.  It should change everything about our view of God.  Going back to the analogy of loving parents and an infant, we are the infant.  We do nothing but coo and smile at our best times and poop and cry at our worst and we often do both in the same day.  Our parents did all the work.

But, what do you say to those who don’t see it?  I became a Christian and I’m just as poor as I was before, not only that, but I seem to have less fun and more troubles than before.  I’m not getting the things I want.  I just want God to show up and deliver a little bit.  Is that too much to ask?

Too often our view of good and God’s view of good are two different things.  The parent who takes us away from shoving metal objects in the electrical outlet.  The parent who limits the number of cookies we have.  The parent who makes us go to school, which we hate!  The parent who makes us get shots, uggh.

We don’t like being thought of as infants, but all too often we act like them.  We throw our temper tantrums and get mad at God because, well, He isn’t delivering!  We try to claim we trust Him and His word, but then we want to go by what we think is right and our words.  We somehow think we have the right to do a performance appraisal on our creator.  If that isn’t childish, I’m not sure what is.

If we aren’t seeing God’s work for good in our lives, it isn’t God that needs to change, it is us and our perspective.  We may not be seeing the problems He kept us from.  We may not see the things He is aligning and putting in place.  Most of all, our vision may be focused on the next 20 minutes and not the rest of eternity.

My Answers:

ultimately he justifies and glorifies His people

God is in control of all things and, ultimately, uses all things to bring those He loves to Him for an eternity of love and glorification

To ask for help submitting to His sovereignty and authority. To be accepting of what I don’t like or understand. For Him to make His presence known to me.

God works. God works for good. God works for the good of those who love Him. God calls. God has purpose for each person. God is good and works for the good of all His people.


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