15.5 Romans – Conquerors

Verse 37 says, “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

Let’s break that sentence down and look at the depth of what it is saying.

We: believers in Christ.  Not some of us, not a few of us, not the leaders among us, but we, collective, all of us, past, present and future

Are: Not will be, not might be.  Are.  Closed book.  Present tense but complete.  Not similar to.  Not like.

More than conquerors:  Not fighters, soldiers, warriors, but conquerors.  The object of our battle is already defeated, conquered, done.  Not only that but we are more than conquerors.  We are those who inherit the land and live in peace having conquered.

Through Him:  Not by our own thoughts, words or deeds, but through Christ Jesus and His work, His grace, His power, His sacrifice

Who loved us: the reason why Christ came and sacrificed himself, for God so loved the world.  It is also the reason we have been adopted as “more than conquerors” with Him, because we are part of the royal family whom He loves.

In all things: Not just the hold of sin on our lives, but in ALL things, we are more than conquerors.  Our identity is not as weak, but as victor, not as fighter, but as conqueror, not as trying, but as complete.  Not in some things, but in ALL things.

Paul goes on to explain that not only is this true, but there is absolutely nothing in Heaven or Earth of Below the Earth that can take this away from us.  This is who we are in Christ.

But here is the unstated question:  Are you living the life of someone who is more than a conqueror?  Are you still fighting the battle that is already won?  Are you still acting like you are weak and unimportant?  Do you think you are unqualified, unworthy, untrained, unloved?

Do you believe the word of God?  If so, act like it.  You are a conqueror.  Done.

My Answers:

These are not new questions, but instead of us being like sheep to be slaughtered, Jesus Christ took on that role for us and was slaughtered as a sacrifice for our salvation.

The things are the things listed above and eluded to in the previous verses that, with God’s power, we can and do overcome. We conquer them through Him who loves us

It has enabled me to turn things over to him, accepting that I do not know and do not have any of the answers but He is faithful and just and loving and will work things for good, for me and for those I love whom He also loves. He has given me words to speak and helped relieve my feelings of inadequacy and hurt and loss.

finances, uncertainty, people are unpredictable, death is everywhere, hurt, pain, cancer, the instability and evil in technology, hyper connectivity, lack of connectivity, isolation, uncertainty.
I know that God is greater than all of these and that I, through Him, am a conqueror.


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