20.5 Romans – Cheering

The third reason we praise God is to cheer.  Have you ever been so engaged in watching a game or athletic performance that you are propelled to stand up and just start yelling and screaming encouragement?  I know people who do this even when they are watching it on television!  We shout, “go, go, go, watch out, keep going, way to go, yes, you can do it, you are great, wow, yes!”

This is also an element of praise.  It does two things.  First, it is a way of praying for what we want and need.  “Over here God, look at this big opening, God help block that evil.”  God want to answer our prayers and this is one way we can shout out the goal-lines we want God to take us across.  The second is that it allows us to take part in God’s glory.  While God doesn’t need our efforts, He blesses us by letting us be part of the team.  We aren’t just cheering from the stands, we get a front row, on the field, opportunity to run alongside God as, well, as He is being God.

In Paul’s doxology we see this in verse 36.   “For from him and through him and for him are all things.  To him be the glory forever! Amen.”  It may not translate well from the Greek, but I hear Paul shouting that out every bit as much as the cheers from any proud teammate running along the sideline as the star player takes the ball all the way down the field.

One last note on verse 36.  A couple of weeks ago, I focused on the prepositions in another verse about “faith”.  In verse 36, Paul points out that God is the source of all things (from Him), the channel of our things (through Him) and the subject of all things (for Him).  Isn’t it beautiful how this exactly matches the verse, “Consequently, faith comes FROM hearing the message and the message is heard THROUGH the word ABOUT Christ.”  God is in charge and control of all things.  Nothing happens without God.  That is not to say that God is a fan of our things, such as sin and evil, but He still is in control and He does not shirk this control.  We sometimes are tempted to think God is in charge of good things and the devil is in charge of bad things, but sin has no power outside of control of God.  While this is difficult for us to understand, it takes us back to Paul’s initial praise of God’s wisdom, knowledge and plans.  Amen!

My Answers:

Salvation! Grace and Mercy and Forgiveness!. I will give Him praise with every breath

Only what He gives us… LOVE

“make a deal” God, if you… then I will..

It means God is in the center and the whole. It also matches the “faith comes…”

For His glory


One thought on “20.5 Romans – Cheering”

  1. Thank you for sharing your incites with me. For when I read the Bible, many times it is like reading a foreign language. I so appreciate your love for God and how you are able to relate it to everyday life!!

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