22.3 Romans – Where and How to Stand

Having given the safety warnings in Romans 12:3, Paul begins the training.  He starts with the most important step in operating most high power tools: where and how to stand and to be aware of your surroundings.

We are not a worker in building this edifice alone.  There are many workers and many tasks.  What we do affects others and it affects the project.  If we do not stand and operate correctly not only can we get hurt, but we are working in very close proximity to others and they also can be injured by our inattention.  We need to do our job.  We are part of something big and amazing and if we don’t do our part, the entire thing suffers.

What are we constructing?  God has allowed us to be workers in building His Kingdom.  He provides the materials.  He provides the plans.  He provides the tools.  He provides the nourishment.  He provides everything, but we are blessed by grace and mercy to be able to be a part, an artist and a craftsman, in the construction of the temple of God.  This temple instead of being made of tents or of stone is made of souls brought to Christ.  It is every bit as real as the other physical buildings.

As workers, we are like part of the body of Christ.  We each have unique tasks, work to do, and we need to do it.  We shouldn’t hang limp or be lazy.  We should be diligent, support others, and focus on the activity of the body as a whole.  If we collectively trip or stumble, we should work to catch ourselves, not blame the toe for not doing its part.

My Answers:

A body. As members of the body of christ as an arm to a toe or hand to a foot.

We are joined together and must function together as a whole living being


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