I know the benefits of a daily walk with the Lord and a daily devotion to His Word.  However, I often lack the discipline to do it, instead filling my day with other “stuff.”

This blog is a tool to help with my discipline.  During the summer of 2014 I am participating in a weekly bible study group doing homiletics on the book of Hebrews, one chapter each week.


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  1. Keep up your great insights….they are a good anchor, as well as assist us in going “in depth” with each lesson, I especially like your journal entries! As well, a mans point of view in the BSF studying.

    No the naysayers, one can always turn the dial!!

    Gal form NYC

  2. I enjoy doing the BSFassignment then I compare with your notes and I must said there are times you make me dig deeper in some of the questions.

  3. I read all the comments and in fact am ashamed at some who would judge your personal space. This blog has helped me tremendously and I hope it continues! God bless you!

  4. Hello,
    I don’t usually comment but I have been following you for a long time and I just wanted to thank you for your insight. I love studying my lessons but I must admit I get lost and really don’t understand what they are asking and looking for.

    I have been going to B.S.F. for awhile and I am so thankful that I found your site. It helps me to get out of my head and see the question and then find my answer. When i am stuck I read your notes and it helps me to figure out my question. Now sometime I do need an answer or two but if I cann’t figure out how you came up with it I don’t use it and I just leave it blank and wait until class to see if I can get some help.

    Thank you so much for taking the time and posting your thoughts. It has really hleped me and is still helping me. I know that God is using you to bless and help so many people reading your comments and thoughts. And yes some are just going to your site to get the answer but even in doing that they are still getting God’s Word. It many not hit them now but it will down the road. Keep doing the Lord’s work and don’t allow anyone to stand in your way. God Bless!

    1. I know of quite a few that haven’t….several lasting over 30 years and going. Let’s say they all do, though (no problem)…still several other issues here that it seems would make this author uncomfortable.
      Like I wrote- my opinion does not matter and I’m not going to argue this. If the author respects the organization (I’m assuming he does, since he’s spending so much time involved in it) I imagine it follows he will respect their wishes. …and maybe he has. Maybe he has contacted San Antonio and they are completely fine with this blog.

  5. I would be VERY uncomfortable doing this. From comments posted, it seems to serve the purpose of what our discussion groups are for….gleaning insight from others, possibly seeing our answers are incorrect or incomplete. If a person, after group and lecture and notes STILL is unsure of an answer, wants elaboration, has a concern, they’re ENCOURAGED to talk with their discussion leader, thus hopefully forming closer relationships in the process. I know that my group leader, CA, TL and STL are all accessible to me.
    I wonder if people that follow this are less likely to form those relationships? I wonder if people that follow this are less likely to answer the questions for themselves, or are tempted to look up quick answers?
    If BSF doesn’t feel the need to publish the answers neither advance nor afterwards, it seems a bit presumptuous for you to think it’s wise.
    Frankly, I’m floored…and I’m pretty nervy.

    1. …not that my opinion matters. Contact headquarters and if they’re fine with it- go for it! If not, surely you respect an organization to which you’re clearly giving so much of your time, and might respect their request.

  6. Sure is strange that those of you who are being so critical of the person to whom this blog belongs came here in the first place. My personally think it’s a great resource. TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH. Yes then goal is to help you learn on your own. But what about when you justndon’t get it? That’s what gets me about BSF is why don’t they tell us the answers? I think we’d get more out of it if we did.

    1. I’ve come across this blog looking for INSIGHT on Challenge questions, but don’t want someone else’s ANSWERS, especially to every question. It IS OKAY NOT to have EVERY question answered when we go to class, but we should at least do our OWN thinking, asking God for insight, wisdom, discernment, understanding. And- we DO get the answers- in our group discussion, lecture, and then the notes.

  7. I want to thank you for your blog. It is a blessing as it truly challenges my thinking in a very positive way. This is one thing I LOVE about BSF; that people come from different backgrounds, have different life stories allowing for God’s word to have meaning to them personally. My perspective is not the same as the next person and the joy is stretching my heart to see how it has touched/changed/led others. I have been richly blessed by the responses of others in the awesome BSF family that have proven to be a further witness for the Kingdom. Blog on.

    1. I too want to thank you for your blog. 🙂 It is a blessing to me. Once I prayed for an answer about the Lord being our shield. Your answer was so inspiring! And I KNOW I was lead to this blog! It was an answer to prayer. Your words, expressions, and insights are a gift. Don’t ever bury that gift. The Lord is merciful in answering all our prayers and often does so through someone else. Thank you for your faithfulness, your example, and your willingness to share.

  8. Not a fan of this, not sure how it helps you to publish your answers to the BSF lessons but – sorry to say, seems rooted in pride. We all struggle with getting our lessons done on a daily basis, but maybe praying for guidance and discipline would be more beneficial to us all. I’ve come across this blog twice and both times it has disturbed me. I noticed that you don’t answer questions about being a teaching or group leader, and there are links for the lectures. Sure seems to be a violation of BSF’s copyright rules.

    1. . . . rooted in pride?

      James 4:11-12 ESV
      Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?

      If this works for the author, I lovingly support him/her in his/her own personal journey to find Christ. Anything I can glean from the author’s perspective enriches or challenges my own.

      BSF is to be encouraging, positive, hopeful, passionate for Jesus, Compassionate for people, authentic, honest, welcoming . . .

      1. First of all, let me say I think, from what I have read of it, your blog is great, and the insights you share are thought-provoking, but- the blog is not the problem. Was I a little harsh with you in my first comment to you on this matter? I hope not, but yes, perhaps a bit strong. I apologize for any unintended offense to you or others in the wording of my previous comment

        Here’s how I see it, as the LORD is impressing it upon my heart to share with you, and I speak this in much love as a fellow sister in Christ- if this is truly for accountability, then, here, Dear Sister (or Brother), please let me help you be accountable- first and foremost, take this matter to The LORD and ask Him to convict you of the wrongness or rightness of this matter, and to find a way to be held accountable without being a hindrance or stumbling block to others. “But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

        Then there are three other action steps I would lovingly encourage you to take: first of all, stop posting lecture links as that is clearly a violation of BSF’s rules, or at least until you get express written permission from BSF headquarters and post it prominently on your blog; secondly, stop hiding behind a cloud of anonymity and put your name, city and state on here; thirdly, when you go to your group meeting with your TL and fellow CLs, give an account to them of what you are doing- full disclosure: lecture links, answers, the manner of how you are doing it- everything, and receive their assessment. I get the sense that all of this is done without their knowledge (or at least most of the group, and certainly the TL), and as anyone who attends BSF knows, there are repeated announcements about the copyright infringements of recording or sharing copyrighted materials, such as the lectures. Ask THEM to help keep you accountable, and to pray for you- what a great ASK and opportunity to see God’s provision and your growth in as He meets All your needs!

        Do I consider myself better than you? Certainly not. Do I believe your heart is in the right place? Yes, and I hear your desire to get your lessons done, to honor the LORD in that way, but- we all know “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Jer. 17:9. Think back to our previous lessons in Genesis: Eve, Cain, Abraham, Lot- are you, by posting answers and lecture links, listening to the enemy? Living right up next to the line of Sodom? Who are you partnering with in this? God, or the enemy? Will you ask God to reveal to and circumcise from your heart anything that is keeping you from fully obeying Him?

        I can see your desire to be a blessing and help, but- as oft stated in our BSF meetings, each is encouraged to do the work ourselves, and to ask the LORD to keep us accountable and faithful, and He will, but this is helping no one as sharing your answers keep others from digging into the Word themselves, keeping them infants in their spiritual growth and maturity. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” If you’ll read through the comments, you’ll see that others are using this blog as a ready-made “store” to dash in and “buy” their answers, thus keeping them from precious time with God in His Word and learning to hear from Him personally during their search. By posting lecture links, you are making it easy for fellow brothers and sisters, as well as those in our groups who are not yet believers, to stay home, forsaking the fellowship and encoragement of meeting together and to be lifted up and strengthened in the sharing of like-minded hearts in Christ. “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” Hebrews 10:25. Dear Sister (or Brother), you are Robbing them, and standing in His way of speaking directly to them throughout the Invaluable experience of digging into His Word, depending on Him for answers, not you, as well as denying yourself a deepening of your relationship with Him as YOU depend on Him to manage your time and hold you accountable. I exhort you to find another way to be accountable.

        With much love in Christ,


  9. I find your blog very helpful n encouraging for me to keep studying the bible n going to BSF as well. Otherwise, like many others, I probably would be discouraged to go. Thank you very much.

  10. Judging by the comments on your blog, I have a feeling are depending on your notes instead of seeking out the truth for themselves. This isn’t helpful.

      1. although i admit I have turned to your blog when having a difficult time answering questions, sometimes the wording confuses me, but after reading your answers I have a better understanding of the question and more often than not my insight is different from yours. Different life journey i guess. But thanks so much for your blog,

  11. I happened upon your blog while googling a couple of terms in one of the BSF lessons. Are you a teaching leader or any position in BSF?

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