BSF Genesis: Week 16, Day 3

Today’s Scriptures


Because God has chosen Abraham to be the father of his chosen people, to educate them that he would always preserve them and bring them back even after being reprimanded and for whom He would one day give His own life to save. To teach Abraham of God’s just mercy

Consider carefully, measuring what we take in against the truth of the scriptures, to accept the spirit and hear the words given to Him. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Luke 8:8

God is not blind to injustice and horrific acts. He is just.
God is merciful, willing to forget horrific deeds for the well being of even a few10.

The angels themselves took Lot, his wife and daughters by the hand and led them safely. The Lord was merciful.

For his and our education, to reveal His mercy.

Yes – because he should have already known and trusted the Lord’s mercy from Egypt. No – because he sought it for others

intercedes, gives us the words, also knows our hearts and offers intercession for all in accordance with the will of God

Be more bold for others. Be more respectful in my tone. Seek the H/S for guidance and trust in Him

My Daily Journal:

Today I saw the beauty and appropriateness in Abraham’s “prayer”.  I liked that the questions called it a prayer.  What is a prayer but a discussion with God?  So, clearly this was a prayer.  But as I looked at it deeper it reminded me of the prayer of Moses and how Abraham and Moses (and, all believers I believe) share a single simple passion.  They and we wish (long to) see and more deeply know the Lord.  Abraham is not pleading for mercy for Sodom.  He is not arguing a point of view or trying to convince the Lord to change His mind.  Instead, the focus of his questions is on better knowing God’s character.  Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked?  How far can the faith of a congregation of faithful shine light over the darkness of utter sin?  How deep is your mercy and willingness to withhold justice?  This really revealed the presence of the Holy Spirit in Abraham to me – that his heart was focused on God and not material possessions.  Never once did he ask for the gold or livestock (think ahead to issues with King Saul).