BSF Genesis: Week 16, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


v10 “I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife will have a son.” 17:21

The Lord and 2 Angels, 18:1, The Lord appeared to Abraham, v10 I will surely return…” v13 Then the LORD said

went out to great them and bowed, washed feed, offered meal, Asked Sarah to make fresh bread, served veal, milk, cheese
Knew her thoughts as well as actions, convicted her of her sin (denial of the truth)

Yes. (all is possible through the Lord), but it pleased God that she was faithful

the Lord would fulfill his promises to her

God’s promises are always fulfilled. He is a God of birth, birth of nations and kings, birth of His only son, birth of us into a new life in His family – God’s focus even in a mission of death and destruction is on new life

My Daily Journal:

One of the things that really stuck with me was how amazing is God’s love for us.  Here He is, in the flesh, on a dire mission to judge the wickedness of an entire city.  He knows the death that has already come to the people of that city and the utter lack of and love for Him found there.  But, even with that gravity which had to be on His mind, His thoughts are first on new birth, His focus is on the future and the redemption He will bring.

As He so clearly demonstrated to Sarah, He knows not only what we make public but also the hidden thoughts we have.  We try to pretend and cover that we haven’t sinned in our thoughts – they were just thoughts – but He gives no such slack.  When Sarah tries to say she didn’t laugh, which from a human perspective may have been true since she only “laughed to herself and thought”.  She didn’t say these doubt out loud, she didn’t laugh out loud, she repressed it and kept it inside.  But the Lord gave no such compromise: “Yes, you did laugh.” (PERIOD).  No negotiation, no argument over what the meaning of the word laugh means, no gray.  Just a simple conviction: Yes you did.