BSF Genesis: Week 15, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


In God’s eyes, yes. He was neither blameless nor perfect, but the covering of Christ given by his faith made him so to God

walk before God faithfully

be blameless, God makes His covenant, greatly increase your numbers, father of many nations, name change, fruitful, nations and kings come from you, everlasting covenant including descendants: be your God and the God of your descendants, land

vs 7: everlasting covenant God, Abraham, his descendants for the generations to come. vs 8: The whole land of Canaan I will give as an everlasting possessions to you and your descendants after you


My Daily Journal:

I participated in an interesting discussion about different ways of looking at the concept in Genesis 17:1 of what it means to walk before me faithfully.

When I thought of it, my mental image was along the lines of Esther entering the court of the King.  This was not something you did haphazardly.  You prepared, both physically and spiritually, through dressing in the proper attire for court and through the prayers and fasting of yourself and supporters.  You don’t show up tracking in dirt, you cloth yourself in the robes that were a gift from the King.  You don’t show up proud and boisterous, you appear as a humble servant seeking, but not deserving, favor.  There are many analogies and parallels to be drawn from this illustration.

Another thought that was presented was the mental image of how a parent walks with a child with me being the child.  The parent normally walks slightly behind the child, so they can keep them in sight at all times, to protect from harm.  The child is not to run ahead or try to hide, but be in sight of the parent.  The parent walks along.  When the child stumbles the parent helps them get back up.  As they continue to move forward the view is always forward.  Past stumbles are behind them, the parent only looks ahead for the child.

I thought this was a great illustration of how scripture can speak to us in so many different ways and different levels.  I am the child.  I am also the servant.  God is both the parent and the King.  He is personal and walks with me.  He is also the sovereign who gave me the robe of righteousness as a gift.