BSF Genesis: Week 10, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures


Ur (Mesopotamia)

There is nothing special about Abram noted.  He hadn’t done anything.  He had no resume to be considered for the patriarch job, no mention of great faith or works or anything.  Just a guy living in a pagan household.

Obedience. Patience. Worship. Dialogue with God. Not exceptional works, but a willingness to follow and trust in God

God is totally in control and viewing events on a timeline that I cannot even comprehend. When I lack patience, it helps me remember how little I can see or understand and how loving my God is

My Daily Journal:

What me does God see?  This is a much deeper question than it appears at first blush.  When a potential employer looks at me, they see my resume’; all the decisions and choices I have made in my education and career and the experiences those have garnered.  But what does our everlasting, all-knowing God see?

God knows not only every decision I have made, but every decision I will ever make.  He knows not only the heart that I have had, but the one that I will have and the obedience I will show.  Does that mean I do not have choice, absolutely not, it is just that God already knows the choices I will make, even though I don’t, yet.

But, that is such an amazing gift.  God chose me while I was still a sinner to be in His family.  I didn’t earn it.  I wouldn’t ever earn it.  But God knew that I would accept it, cherish it and work to teach others.  Through that I am continuing to be transformed into the image of holiness.  It is a slow transformation, but, I believe, God already sees me as I will ultimately be in heaven.