BSF Genesis: Week 11, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures



Trust in God for business and livelihood. Lot’s of changes at work, new directions and needs for income. Each day I turn it over to God and trust Him to provide.

Not be put to shame

4: So Abram went, as the Lord had told him

Lot, Sarai, servants

To your offspring I will give this land (not to him, but to his offspring)

Built an altar to the Lord

I am best as a leader when I am following God’s word.

Built an altar and called on the name of the Lord


  • continue in faith, established and firm with hope held out in the gospel
  • continue to live our lives in Christ Jesus as Lord, rooted and strengthened in faith
  • mature in christ, not repeating the same sins
  • with confidence, perseverance to do the will of God, live by faith
  • by feeding on pure spiritual milk to grow up in salvation


My Daily Journal:

Leading by following.

The application question today made me think about how I live out my faith in the way Abram did.  I think it often comes down to a decision, do I lead by leading or lead by following?

My daughter was in marching band during football season at her high school.  The musicians were spread out across all 100 yards of the field, often pointing in different directions.  The band instructor had selected three students to be drum majors.  They were positioned at different points on the field and each conducted from their point.  But they didn’t each set their own tempo (at least not intentionally).  Two of the drum majors always were watching the third.  That one had received specific instruction and training from the band teacher, who followed the score of music set down by the composer.  Each lead by following.  Had any decided to go his own direction, chaos and noise would have ensued.  But by following, they provided leadership.