10.4 Moses 10, Day 4

Priests, Present, Prayer, Patience, Passing the Torch

Are you called to be an active part of the ministry of your church? Yes.

1. Priests: When you become a Christian you are clothed in Christ.  Just as the priests of the tabernacle wore special clothing to designate them as part of a unique group, set apart for special work before God, we wear Christ inside and out.  All Christians are priests, with an expectation of being part of the ministry of the church.  That ministry can take on many forms, such as teaching, counseling, caring, feeding, praying, supporting, etc.  When the priests put on their clothing, it was like a uniform.  In the same way, when we ask for Christ to be the center of our life, we take on the uniform of that faith.  There are no spectators, no one sitting on the sidelines, if you are a Christian you’re place is in the field.

2. Present: The priests were present at the tabernacle every day.  They had days of rest, but a big part of what they did was show up every day.  The incense was lit twice a day, the candle wicks were mended, the bread was placed on the table, the sacrifices were made, the cleansing took place.  In the same way, we are called to show up and do kingdom work every day.  Every day we are called to cleanse our soul.  Every day we are called to break bread with God.  Every day we are tend the light to the world that our candle shines to those to whom we influence.

3. Prayer: When we decide we need to become more active in church, we often start with an assessment of what we are good at or what we are comfortable doing.  But, that is wrong.  Our approach should begin with prayer.  If we trust God and know that He has a plan and calling for our work in His church, we need to also begin by asking Him to reveal that plan to us.

4. Patience: After we pray, we need to wait patiently and continue to pray.  A few years back I read Tony Dungy’s book, Quiet Strength.  He said, “I needed to do my current job well, keep preparing, and wait on God’s timing. I needed to trust His leadership rather than try to force an outcome I wanted.”  He explained that every time he jumped ahead of God in his career, things did not go well.  We need to have the same patience in our work and our job in God’s church.

5. Pass the torch: God did not only appoint Aaron, He also appointed his sons.  I was visiting with a lady recently who asked about the church we attended.  She and her family had attended a church for the past 2 years, but she explained that it was an older, established church and they had not found a place to plug in and serve in the church.  Each time they had attempted, they found themselves trespassing on someone’s established turf.  People serving in roles in the church are often heard to complain that they have to do too much themselves because others aren’t stepping up.  Could it possibly be that we are not actively developing the future leaders to step in?  Could God have something else in mind for you that you can’t step up to because you won’t let go of your current position?


My Answers:


If try to take an easy, comfortable job, it is blocked or not successful – called to serve in area that would not have been my initial preference, such as working with kids instead of adults.

Titus: We are washed in the saving blood of Jesus and rewed by the Holy Spirit

Galations: those baptized into Christ have clothed themselves with Christ

2Cor: Anointed us, seal of ownership, put spirit in our hearts

Rom: Christ as a sacrifice of atonement – righteousness

1 Peter: the church is a chosen people, Kingdom of priests, holy nation, God’s possession

22 BSF Matthew Week 22, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

Luke 19:47 says “Every day he (Jesus) was teaching at the temple. But the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the leaders among the people were trying to kill him.”

So, despite the fact that His life was threatened and the head people were not only plotting and discussing but were trying to kill him, here He is.  Jesus didn’t shy away.  Jesus didn’t hide.  Jesus didn’t adjust His schedule to not be as predictable.  He went to the temple and taught “Every Day.”

I struggle to do my bible study every day.  I used to struggle to pray every day.  But even though I have improved in that area, there are numerous days that the only time the words Jesus and God cross my lips is in my private prayer time.  Days can go by without another living person hearing those names in my vocabulary.

Our lesson today references us into Revelation.  The book of Revelation opens with a blessing and a warning to Hear and Heed.  But we don’t.  Even those of us who hear, fail to heed the call to spread the good news of the gospel daily.  We, like the invitees to the banquet, busy ourselves with daily life, work, and other matters.  None of which are as important or lasting.

What if we each made a point to mention Jesus to someone at least one time daily?  What if we not only prayed and did our study daily, but taught daily, both by our words and our actions?  In other words, what if we not only were fed, but fed others daily = we consisted not only of leaves but also of fruit every day!

I believe if that became more of a core of our daily life, the other distractions would fade away.  I believe we would move from being just invitees to being the members of the household, the servants who diligently prepared the feast and setn out the invitees.  Who did more to honor the master?!

My Answers:

The invitation to be saved through the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ, to put all trust in faith in him

Apostles martyred, prophets were martyred, believers were persecuted

Any of the times the Jews were exiled, particularly the destruction of the temple in 70AD

The common people, gentiles, jewish sinners, greeks, romans, the ends of the earth

garments of salvation, robe of righteousness (from God through faith in Christ)

Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth

Busy in the everyday business of life, focus on the physical on self

Do not be too busy to hear and heed God’s invitation – it doesn’t turn out well!

Yes, I wear the robes of salvation of my Lord.  I am not worthy by anything of my own, but in Jesus

God would welcome all, but we are given choice and few choose to trust only Him