BSF Genesis: Week 25, Day 5

Today’s Scriptures


Spiritual cleansing is purity: whiter than snow, pure heart, steadfast spirit.   Spiritual cleansing means change: stop doing wrong, turn away from evil deeds, walk in the light

leads to fruit, the Holy Spirit, Humble yourself and He will lift you up

Not just sacrifice, but who it is offered to – to God.  Separate ourselves from sin: immoral, impure, greedy have no inheritence.  We must abandon idols and turn only to God

Time spent in pursuit of non-God serving activities, or better said, the activities are not the problem, but I am doing them on my own without seeking God and without giving the glory to Him alone.

Terror of God fell on towns around them so no one pursued them.  God reclaimed not only Jacob/Israel but his descendants

He has reclaimed me and brought me back into His family of believers.  He has strengthened me by reminding me of His promises

That God’s own voice is speaking to me, through the scriptures, in answer to prayer and through other believers

Reunited for a time with his brother (vs 6-7), many descendents, chiefs, kings, a mighty nation

My Daily Journal

One of the comments our leader made in his lecture last week was “God is waiting for me to realize that He is in control.”  I thought it was amazing how we see this lived out in Jacob/Israel.  Jacob wrestles with “the man” and receives a blessing where he becomes a new person with a new name.  Clearly he has changed, but, he continued to live a life wanting to still be in the driver’s seat and have God as his co-pilot.

Instead of going to Bethel, as promised, he goes the opposite direction.  Instead of living apart, he moves right next door to people who, evidently, believe there is nothing wrong with raping someone then buying them to marry them.  Instead of being the spiritual leader of his house, he does nothing because his sons are out in the fields with the flocks.

But when things go south and he repents and returns to God, God is waiting.  God repeats His promise to him and changes his name (again) to Israel.

God’s place is not as co-pilot of our life.  If you were in a car with Jeff Gordon, would you want him riding shotgun or sitting behind the wheel?  I need to move over and let God drive.

God is waiting patiently for me to realize that He is in control.