12.3 Moses 12, Day 3

God’s Glory

Have you ever traveled away from home for an extended period of time?  Whether being separated by work, school or service, your heart tugs to connect with your loved ones.  You can write letters, talk to them on the phone, even video conference with them, but it isn’t the same.  You want to be physically in their presence.  That isn’t a logic thing, but it is a heart thing.

Today we see Moses speaking to God from his heart.  He isn’t asking for special honor, his heart is longing to be with God.  He is homesick for a heavenly home that he doesn’t even know about, yet.

And, God does not turn him away or say no.  Instead, God cautions him, but finds a way to provide the connection Moses seeks.

Moses can’t see God in all His glory.  “God’s glory” is the sum total of all of His attributes.  It is simply too much for a human to experience fully.  Too much power. Too much presence.  Too much eternity. Too much.  But God doesn’t hide his glory from those who seek it, He reveals it Himself in measured ways – not to hide Himself back from us, but to give us the ability to experience Him.

Think of it this way.  You are sitting in a totally dark room for several minutes, when all of a sudden someone flips on extremely powerful flood lights.  What do you do?  You squeeze your eyes shut and cover them with your hand.  Did you long for the light?  Do you want the light? Yes to both.  Can you handle that much light?  Not at that moment.

But each day we walk with God, we move farther out of the darkness and farther into the light.  Each day God reveals more of His light to you if you continue to seek Him.


My Answers:

Teach me so that I may continue to know you and walk in the path you have divined for me

earlier this year I asked God to show me how and to whom I should minister and in 2 weeks time he brought the leader of house churches in a communist country and dozens of foreign nationals to my house for a 5 hour lunch and prayer and praise meeting

Remember that this nation is your people

I pray for the children in our school program – their willing acceptance of God helps teach me how complicated I make things that are actually very simple

Honors God’s servants, Honors God, Approaches God, Tries to reflect His glory, Tries not to be an enabler of others sin

A glimpse into Heaven

I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you and proclaim my name, have mercy and compassion

No one may see me and live


12.2 Moses 12, Day 2

Face to face, as one speaks to a friend

As Moses’ faith and understanding of God increased, he entered into a deeper personal relationship with God.

When Moses first encountered God, God was a voice in a burning bush.  While that reveals parts of God’s character (especially in the way the bush burned but was not consumed). It is hard to have a relationship with a burning bush.  God repeatedly talked with Moses during the plagues on Egypt.  God was present in a cloud and pillar of fire leading them out of Egypt.  He was present in the cloud descending on the mountain top.

But, in the tent of meeting God meets with Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.  This may be a figurative description explaining the relationship they had formed or it may be a literal description.  God has the ability to take on human form (Jesus Christ), and there are instances of the preincarnate Lord appearing to people.

But, here is the key thing to keep in mind.  God didn’t change.  Moses changed.

Moses has grown and matured from obedience, respect, honor, fear to love and longing and friendship and joy.  He didn’t set those other things aside, they are still appropriate responses, but he has grown and matured.

Where are you in your relationship with God?  Is He a distant being? Words in a book? Or is He real and substantial and someone he long to talk with every day as your best friend (BFF!)?  If you aren’t there, yet, do you recognize that you are the one who needs to change?  God is there already – He is waiting with open arms.  He doesn’t just consider you to be a friend, you are family.


My Answers:

The people of Israel had chose to remove themselves from God’s presence when they worshiped the golden calf

They inquired of the Lord, they honored Moses (rose and stood at their tent entrance), when saw cloud, stood and worshiped each at the entrance to their tent

God presented Himself to Moses in human form, not in His full heavenly glory

Through Jesus He did and still does