BSF Genesis: Week 25, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures


No, he saw God at Bethel.  He committed to build a house to God there and to return to his father’s household

Dinah did not bring on the danger, but it clearly would have been avoided if they did not live there

To be set apart from the worldly and immoral.  To live a life that separates us from sinful things and sinful people

No “sense” of wrongdoing.  He did wrong, but didn’t see it that way.  He treated her as a possession to be used and acquired

They married.  Isaac and Jacob sought their wives from kin, believers. But they also lied out of fear and put their wives at risk.  Abraham allowed the mother of his first child to be abused by his wife and sent her out into the wilderness.

intermarry with us, vs 9

My Daily Journal:

There is a very fine line being walked in our questions today regarding Dinah and could things have been avoided.  I think it is very important to note that Dinah did not do anything wrong.  She was the victim.  She was raped.

As a children’s leader I was, at first, very hesitant and concerned about our lesson this week.  My inclination was to move through it as quickly as possible.  However, this week I had the opportunity to hear Josh McDowell speak.  Josh is an amazing evangelist and apologetic who has spread the Word to college campuses for many years.  He has written some amazing books including my favorite, More than a Carpenter.  But, on this occasion Josh was sharing a movie and discussion about his own childhood which included not only a horribly broken home but also experiencing sexual abuse from the age of 6 to 13.  He pointed out that 1 out of 3 children have experienced sexual abuse but we just don’t talk about it.

BSF is not a counseling session or the right venue for disclosure, but we need to be bold in what the bible says and not shy away from teaching the truth as spelled out in the bible.  Just like Josh was not to blame for what occurred to him, Dinah is not to blame.  This was wrong.  This was a sin, whether Shechem, Hamor or her dad or anyone else saw it as such or not.  Through all of this story that is the part that troubles me most.  We have the accounts of what everyone else was doing but not what was going on with Dinah and the torment that she must have felt.  No where does it say she was comforted or cared for through this difficulty, although I trust in God that she was.

We will have women in BSF classes who have experienced rape.  We will have men who have forced themselves inappropriately on women and we will have young adults and children who have been or will be involved in inappropriate sexual situations.  We don’t need to be graphic, but we need to be clear that this is wrong and if someone is in this situation they need to get with a mature christian and seek help and counseling.