19 BSF Matthew Week 19, Day 2

Today’s Scriptures

My Daily Journal:

I spend a lot of time with children and they are not always humble.  I see plenty of kids acting out to get attention.  I see many children who are very focused on themselves.  I see children who have no issue being disruptive if it brings them joy or raises their social standing.  I don’t read today’s verses with rose colored glasses.  And, I don’t think acting childish is what the Lord is trying to tell us.

But there are also some traits I see in the children I work with that I think are at the root of today’s scriptures.

The first is love.  Children are amazing at giving and accepting love.  They make friends without hesitation.  They show kindness and compassion for those around them.  I think this is in part because they readily accept love as well.  They don’t question the love of their parents and family and plug into that to have joy with others.

The second is innocence and acceptance.  I am constantly amazed at the conviction these young believers have.  Not because they have a depth of knowledge and study to prove something, but simply because they accept it as the truth.  They know that God loves them because He does, not because they read 16 commentaries that help them work it out in their head.

I don’t think it is an accident that these verses come directly on the heels of the encounter with the father of the demon possessed son whom the disciples could not heal.  I think this is the answer to his prayer to Jesus, “help me with my unbelief.”

The answer to that prayer is not going to come from some outside sign or proof or miracle (even though all of those things are present).  The answer to the prayer is to just accept belief as fact.  To be totally open to it, not because it is the only thing left standing after exhaustive examination (which it would be), but because it comes from God.  To a child this is easy.  Jesus loves me, this I know…

As maturing christians we sometimes make things so complicated.  We hold on to our doubts until they are proven wrong.  But, Jesus teaches us to simply let them go.  It is called faith and belief for a reason.

My Answers:

become like little children

Matt: blessed: poor in spirit: kingdom of heaven, those who mourn: be comforted
John 1: those who receive him, believe, become children of God (born of God)
John 3: must be born again (nicodemus) born of water and spirit, flesh to flesh, spirit birth to spirit

Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all

Humility and repentance

Not proud or concerned with “great matters”, Hidden things from wise and learned and revealed them to children, “My dear children, I write this to you…”   Those entering the faith – those seeking to believe and grow in Christ, humble

Those who serve, those who pray, those who put others first, teachers, preachers, missionaries, the little children – I can teach, I can pray and I can humble myself to not rely on my own knowledge or skill but to rely fully on the Holy Spirit.  To be bold and step forward in the ways God is calling me that brings glory to him not gain for me.