BSF Genesis: Week 20, Day 4

Today’s Scriptures



Riches.  Planted crops and reaped 100 fold.

So many flocks and herds and servants that the Philistines became envious

Philistines stopped up the wells that Abraham’s servants had dug.  As he dug new wells they quarreled with him.

He moved on.  He had faith that God would provide.

Each time he moved they found more water.  When he reached Rehoboth there was no more quarreling and Isaac praised God and gave Him the credit and glory as well as confidence in His promise to flourish in the land

The king of the Philistines sought out Isaac for a peace agreement because he recognized that God was with Isaac

By living a life dedicated to pleasing the Lord I need not worry about enemies or the enemy.

My Daily Journal:

I recently read a very interesting business book called Abundance by Steven Kotler.  One of the key premises of the book is that so much of our thought and social policy revolves around a theory of scarcity.  However, historically, time and again, technology innovations have drastically changed the situation at the point where scarcity would have become a problem.  An example he uses is London at the turn of the century.  They were facing a major problem in regard to the amount of horse manure crowding the streets of London and were looking at regulation and policies to address this problem.  However, within a very short period of time, the problem went away as horses were replaced by automobiles.

Don’t we do the same with God?  We would think, “that is my well, my father’s servants dug that well, I need to fight for my rights to that well, finding water can be hard and I have all of these animals to water.”  But, instead Isaac sees the solution differently.  He doesn’t look at the scarcity of wells, but at the abundance of God to provide.  He doesn’t just sit back and wait for God to fix things, he moves, he and his servants dig, they work and pray.

Isaac could fight the philistines.  He could take his case to the king and force him to alienate one group or the other through his decision.  But by relying on God’s abundance, he not only finds water, but also forms an even stronger relationship with men who otherwise would be his enemies.